Who are The Shooting Party?

“Let’s get this (Shooting) Party started!”

I’m Mike Hurney, the founder of The Shooting Party. I have been a keen shooter for over 30 years and have been actively involved in the gun trade for over a decade, firstly as a Director and Shareholder in Airgun Sport, the owner of the AGS and Logun brands, and since 2006 as Chairman, CEO and a major shareholder of Webley the iconic British shooting company established 220 years ago, and owner of the Webley brand of Air Guns and the Webley & Scott brand of shotguns.


During this time I have travelled all over the world researching firearms, sporting optics and knife production; building key relationships with manufacturing partners, ensuring that the specification of our products reflect the needs and aspirations of our customers, and that our price points offer tremendous value for money.


Quality is implicit in everything The Shooting Party does. I formed The Shooting Party to offer premium quality products at value-for-money prices in an easily accessible way, via our web site (Fire arms legislation is such that Air weapons and shotguns can only be sold “face-to-face” so we offer a delivery service within a fifty mile radius of our West Midlands based retail showroom).


Our key, exclusive, brands are:-

AirForceOne Air Rifles, Air pistols and accessories

For some time now our customers have been requesting a UK full-power spring powered air rifle that would meet their budgets for an occasional pest or vermin control problem; those that wanted an inexpensive gun for occasional hunting and those that simply wished to “plink”™ in their gardens.

With the introduction of the AirForce concept of Full Power – Low Price and with an impressive array of features, including fibre optic open sights, precision dovetails for the fitting of telescopic sights, a sculptured, ventilated muzzle break, manual safety catch, anti-bear-trap feature and a ventilated recoil pad; we have met that need.


PAO-Professional Airgun Optics Scopes, Red/Green dot and laser sights, Range Finders, Night Vision and LED LuminMAX Hunting Lamps

Many optics on the market are deemed to be all-purpose – suitable for rim-fire and centre fire rifle use – as well as airguns. With PAO we wanted scopes that were dedicated to professional airgun use – so we got professional airgunners to design them. Although there are a plethora of potential vendors in many ways the manner in which scopes are sold is still very 20th century, with you, the consumer, having to decide on a scope suitable for your purpose and then begin to find a set of scope mounts that are both fit-for-purpose and that also fit the scope rails featured on your particular pistol or rifle.

This was the starting point for our new TOPAZPre-Mount range. Each scope in the series comes with a UK designed 25mm, medium or high, 2-piece double clamp mount, or a 22mm modified Weaver-style mount, pre-fitted to the scope.

Who, in this day and age, buys an electrical appliance without a plug pre-fitted? Who buys a new mobile phone and then has to start wondering which battery to buy? The TOPAZ Pre-Mount combo of scope-and-mounts is also priced at less than most scope/mount packages purchased separately. Simple.




Jim Bowie – 1827 – The Cutting EdgeTM Knives and Multi Tools

James “Jim” Bowie was a legendary frontiersman who, alongside Davy Crockett, died fighting the Mexican Army at the Battle of the Alamo in Texas in 1836. His name is forever inexorably linked with a knife he allegedly designed and with which he won the famous “Sandbar fight” in 1827, when despite being hit over the head with a pistol, shot twice and impaled on his opponent’s sword stick he prevailed, disembowelling his assailant with one thrust of his Bowie knife!

Bowie is a name synonymous with knives for the great outdoors “Think Knives – Think Jim Bowie Knives” that today offer great choice at value-for-money prices and truly give you “The Cutting Edge”.

Anson & Deeley – High quality hand-stitched leather cartridge belts, shooting sticks & “BAK-SAVA” shooting stick seats/cartridge retrievers.

Over the coming months more new and exclusive items will be added to our site and if there is something specific that you would like to see added to our range, e-mail me, Mike Hurney, at mike@the-shooting-party.co.uk or just give me a call on 01543 480 361

–  I really want you to join our party!